About Us

Hutch & Harris is an eclectic place, filled with the best that everyone who works here has to offer. The strongest influence comes from owners Greg and Jennifer Richardson. Greg and Jennifer met while Greg was working as the Head Chef of the iconic Ram’s Head Tavern in Annapolis, Maryland. Maryland’s influence is still very strongly felt in Hutch and Harris, reflected in our Rawbar Menu and hybridized Maryland/North Carolina decor. Greg has stayed very to true to his Maryland roots, with an impeccable eye for seafood, use of Maryland’s favorite seasoning, Old Bay, and making the best crab cake you will have south of the Mason-Dickson line! Combined with the insights of our Head Chef Mike Bullock, H&H has created an atmosphere that pays tribute to the Northeast coast while also being something inherently Winston-Salem.


To see the magic at work, look for our posts on Facebook and Instagram of daily specials, cocktails, and special events!