Dinner Specials August 30th, 2014

Stuffed Quesadilla

Grilled tortilla loaded with seasoned beef, shredded cheddar-jack cheese

and pico de gallo served with sour cream and picante sauce

Garden Flavor

Sautéed artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers, onions and spinach

tossed with Alfredo sauce and capellini noodles served with
garlic ciabatta and shredded parmesan

Deep Sea Treat

Fresh Grouper, shrimp and mixed vegetables in a sesame stir-fry

with spicy Asian sauce and wontonsserved over white rice

Long Weekend Steak

Butterfly cut sirloin topped with jalapeno and pimento cheese cream sauce

served with mashed potatoes and sautéed mixed vegetables

Labor of Grill

Half rack of slow cooked and bbq basted baby back ribs,

with grilled chicken, steak skewer, fries and NC slaw