Dinner Specials March 29th, 2019

Patio Perfect

Oven toasted pita bread with, balsamic vinaigrette, fire roasted artichoke hearts,
roasted red peppers, spinach and herb mozzarella

Just Right

Lemon herb grilled tofu served over a bed of crisp romaine, carrot ribbons,
red onions, sliced cucumbers, grape tomatoes and crumbled feta

Great Day for the River

Two pan seared salmon cakes laced with a creole crawfish cream sauce
served with vermicelli noodles and sautéed mixed vegetables

Sunset Chops

Grilled pork loin cutlets basted with Thai chili sauce, finished with crushed wontons and scallions,
presented over basmati rice and mixed vegetables

Soup of the Day

Hearty Vegetable