Fat Tuesday 8th Anniversary Party!

Big Eat

Good Golly Gumbo
Our Anniversary Special!
House recipe oyster gumbo with white rice

Bayou Bites

Gator filet chunks marinated in spicy buttermilk breaded and fried golden brown,
served with a side of Cajun Remoulade

Red Beans & Rice

Perfectly seasoned red beans topped with grilled smoked sausage laid over white rice

H & H Étouffée

Pan-seared jumbo shrimp and crab meat with our house made Étouffée sauce over white rice

Soup of the Day

Philly Cheesy Potato

NOLA Beverages!

$2 Abita Mardi Gras Draft
$2 Abita King Cake Soda
$6 Sexual Chocolate
$6 Purple Hurricanes
$8 Sazeracs