Lunch Specials – October 2nd, 2014

Soup & Salad 7

Choose any cup of soup and combine it with a freshly prepared house or Caesar salad

Dumpling Soup 7

Pork filled wontons, scallion and spicy soy ginger sauce,

in a delicate toasted sesame broth

La Victoria Burrito 9

Mexican spiced pulled chicken, red rice, black beans and cheese burrito,

topped with bacon jalapeno cheese sauce and pico de gallo

Fast Break 8

Fresh 3 egg omelet filled with sliced ham and

cheddar jack cheese, served with a side salad

Bella Burger 10

Freshly grilled signature burger topped with basil pesto,

fresh mozzarella cheese and tomato wine sauce, served with fries

Opa Chicken 9

Greek style sautéed chicken breast with heirloom tomato

tossed with creamy tzatziki sauce over black pepper fettuccini

Soup of the Day

Dixie Chili