Lunch Specials Saturday March 31,2018


The 424 7

Two eggs cooked to order with smoked sausage or bacon

served with breakfast spuds or creamy grits

and a side of toast


Tsunami 8

Warm Boars Head brand London broil roast beef sliced thin, basted in Korean BBQ sauce

and served on a brioche bun with Asian style vegetables

and a side of fries


Bootlegger 8

Roasted garlic naan flatbread topped

with roasted pork loin, Applewood smoked bacon,

pepper jack cheese and slivered red onions

Hibachi 11

Jumbo domestic shrimp tossed in teriyaki sauce

with squash, zucchini, peppers, onions and carrots

served over steamed basmati rice




Soup of the Day

Cream Of Mushroom


 Drink Specials

Bloody Mary’s & Maria’s