Lunch Specials Sunday October 1st, 2017.



Downtown Quiche  $7

House made quiche filled with kale, asparagus, tomatoes, onions and Swiss cheese.

Served with spuds and fruit


Veg Out  $8

Roasted garlic naan flatbread topped with marinated artichoke hearts,

roasted red peppers, red onions and crumbled goat cheese

Classic Fare  $10

A large three egg omelet filled with ham, spinach and provolone cheese.

Served with spuds and fruit


Back To Bed $10

 House made meatloaf on toasted ciabatta bread with two poached eggs, sautéed mushrooms

and A1 holiandaise .Served with spuds and fruit


Specialty Brunch Drinks

Trailblazer $7

Our already famous Bloody Mary garnished with Lil’ Smokies

in a sweet Sriracha sauce, chipotle Gouda cheese, olive and dill pickles

Latin Lover $7

Tomatillo and cucumber infused “Verde” Mary with cilantro & spices,

garnished with cucumber, smoked Gouda, and a smoked sea salt rim

Almond Joy $6

Baily’s Almoande liquor and Godiva chocolate liquor with fresh brewed coffee