New Year’s 2013 Day Brunch Specials

Quiche Her At Midnight

Roasted Turkey, Spinach, Crispy Asparagus,

& Cheese Quiche baked in our signature homemade flaky crust


Hoppin’ John

The traditional good-luck meal:

Ham Hocks slow-cooked with Black-Eyed

Peas served over White Rice with Collard

Greens & Cornbread on the side


I Know How You’ve Bene’

Classic Meatloaf on toasted white bread

topped with two Poached Eggs and

Tomato-Hollandaise Sauce


Rose Bowl Surf’N’Turf

4oz Filet with two grilled shrimp topped

with shrimp velouté served with mashed

potatoes and fresh asparagus


180 Longitude Omelet

Lobster, Swiss, & Asparagus Omelet topped with

Shrimp Veloute and served with Spuds & Fruit



New Year’s Drink Specials

$4 Mimosas or Glasses of Champagne

$3.50 Screwdrivers & Bloody Mary’s