Saturday Brunch Specials, September 8

The 424      $6.75

Two fresh eggs, cooked to order, with breakfast spuds or grits & your choice of Polish sausage or bacon with toast

Grits & Grillades     $8.95

A New Orleans classic.  Slow cooked pork shoulder in a brown Cajun gravy served over pimento cheese grits with two poached eggs.  Delicious.

Mexicali Jones     $9.95

An eight ounce fresh ground Angus beef patty char-broiled & topped with apple wood bacon, a fried egg, Pico de Gallo and cheddar cheese on a Kaiser roll with lettuce and tomato with fries

Quiche-Key-Hoatie     $8.50

Fresh made quiche with bacon, spinach, onions and three cheeses plated with your choice of breakfast spuds or a side salad

Pizza(z)     $9.25

Ourt thin crust personal pizza topped with Canadian bacon, spinach, tomato and boursin cheese

Soup of the Day 

Curried Cauliflower