Saturday Lunch July 29th 2017


The 424 7

Two eggs cooked to order with smoked sausage or bacon served with

breakfast spuds or creamy grits and a side of toast

 Margarita 8

Roasted garlic naan flatbread topped with olive oil, sliced tomato,

fresh mozzarella, basil leaves and balsamic reduction

 Grandma’s House 9

House made meatballs served in our red wine tomato sauce with

peppers and onions over vermicelli pasta

Rachel 9

Boars Head brand pastrami served on griddled sourdough with

cole slaw and Swiss cheese with a side of fries

Classic 10

A large three egg omelet filled with ham, mushrooms and

cheddar cheese served with a side of fried spuds

Soup of the Day