Tuesday, July 27th, 2015 – Dinner Specials


Country Cordon Salad

Grilled marinated chicken breast topped with country ham and
melted provolone served over a crisp romaine salad with grape tomatoes,
red onions, English cucumbers and carrot ribbons


Sampan Toss

Tender baby shrimp and beef tips sautéed with fresh broccoli, green beans,
peppers, onions and radish sprouts tossed with soy-ginger over basmati rice

Cool Runn’n Chop

Caribbean jerk seasoned bone-in pork chop finished with cool pineapple
mint chutney served with mashed potatoes and vegetable du jour

Salmon Italiano

Italian antipasto stuffed salmon filet topped with jumbo lump crab and balsamic
reduction served with sides of lemon butter fettuccine and sautéed mixed vegetables

Soups of the Day

Chicken Fiesta