Tuesday, July 28th, 2015 – Dinner Specials

¡Fajitas Perfectos!

A mouthwatering platter of sautéed beef
tips, bell peppers, onions, and red rice
served with soft flour tortillas

You’ve Gotta Piccata!

A grilled chicken breast served atop
angel hair pasta tossed in a zesty white
wine lemon sauce with roasted red
peppers, artichokes, capers, and tomatoes

Just Like Mom Made

Two blackened salmon cakes on top
of a sumptuous goat cheese risotto,
served with broccoli

Steak Puns are Rare

A delicious black pepper sirloin grilled
to order, served with a portion of garlic
sautéed green beans and bacon/bleu
cheese loaded mashed potatoes

Soup of the Day

Chicken Fiesta!