Lunch Specials ~ July 31st, 2013

5.6.7 Menu

5 Days a Week, $6 Entrée, $7 w/ Drink

Responsible Quiche

Tomato, Scallions, and cheddar jack cheese quiche served with a side of breakfast spuds and fresh melon and strawberries

Creole Beans & Pork

Creole seasoned white beans and smoked sausage topped with BBQ pulled pork, served with a side of cornbread

Soup & Salad

Choose any cup of soup and combine it with a freshly prepared house or Caesar salad

Festival Chicken $8.50

Smothered chicken leg quarter in natural gravy with yellow rice and style country green beans

Check Out This Special $7.25

Homemade green onion sausage gumbo stewed with collard greens and presented over a

bowl of white rice

Schedule Change? $9.95

Grilled pork tenderloin medallions on homemade mashed potatoes with Tasso gravy, served with three bean salad and creamed corn